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Pediatric Ward in Maruku, Tanzania

Ward construction Maruku Jan 18 2018 photo taken
Ward Construction Maruku Jan 18 2018 photo

Rapid progress on the construction of a community-requested Pediatric Ward to add to a rural medical dispensary has occurred since summer 2017. We are receiving daily updates from AHEAD local members on the ground in Maruku, Kagera Region, Tanzania as they build the foundation.

Read an excellent new report from our partners in Bukoba here:


Presently, the dispensary consists of a handful of buildings with only one ward- a small room with 10 beds side by side. These are for women with chronic and contagious diseases, as well as children. Also, mothers who have just given birth are housed in the same ward with their newborn babies. Sick children should no longer be hospitalized in a ward with adults suffering from infectious diseases.

The addition of this facility will substantially reduce the mortality which presently in Tanzania is 220/1000 versus in the USA 45/1000. We hope to see a 40% reduction in infant and child mortality in the surrounding areas of the Maruku rural dispensary. Further funding is needed to complete the project. We are also working towards reaching doctors and hospitals for donations of medical supplies and equipment.


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View our detailed construction budget:
Maruku Children’s Ward Preliminary Budget
($1 USD = 1,950 Tsh)

Support our cause with one of the following donations:

  • $15 monthly donation for the next 18 months.
  • $90 2x this year (2016) and once next year (2017).
  • $270 one-time donation
  • Everything helps, donate what you can.

Let’s give the children of Maruku a safe medical area where they can be treated.

Project's goal US$95,000.00 by December 30, 2016 95000.00USD
Total donations by Friday, September 30, 2016 30000.00USD
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