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Vocational Training

Although Godfrey Kitullo completed secondary school – the Tanzanian equivalent of high school – his future looked bleak. He didn’t have the money to continue his education and he didn’t have a job.  He drifted aimlessly for years, until hearing about the AHEAD INC’s vocational school in Kisaware.

He didn’t need to pay school fees; the classes were free. Kitullo was accepted into the first course in electrical wiring and electronics. He and three other students comprised the first graduating class in.


Buoyed by that accomplishment, Kitullo charted a course toward success.  He passed the national certification exams for his profession, thus ensuring his employability.

Then Kitullo steered toward entrepreneurship. An AHEAD volunteer donated seed money for him to study bookkeeping; Kitullo paid remaining tuition himself.  Eventually, he opened a tailoring shop. Kitullo now owns a business with two employees.  AHEAD’s investment in Kitullo has yielded a return that benefits many.

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