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Robert Lewis Dean, II
Board member
What Dean does for AHEAD: Fundraiser and AHEAD Ambassador
Robert Lewis Dean works to ensure AHEAD gets visibility and money necessary for its longevity and growth. He doesn’t hesitate to use the word “miracles” to describe all the work AHEAD has accomplished. Dean is proud that AHEAD spends its funds on programs, not on administration. But most of all, he’s impressed by confidence and tenacity of the organization’s founders, Dr. Irving and Elvira Williams. Dean is a native of Honolulu and lives in New York City and Palm Beach, Fla.
Why he works with AHEAD: “Knowing that I am involved in an organization with such high goals and who achieves miracles daily gives me a great sense of accomplishment. On a very small operational budget, AHEAD has provided millions of dollars in aid to rural African families and individuals who otherwise may have gone without.”