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Richard McManus, JD
What McManus does for AHEAD: Treasury and Financial Manager.
Since appointed treasurer of AHEAD in June 2015, Richard McManus works towards helping AHEAD keep its financial reports and budgets up to date. Richard is an experienced private sector corporate tax attorney with over thirty years’ experience in law, finance and tax planning. He worked as a US Navy criminal law attorney, a tax attorney for federal government, an in-house tax attorney for a Fortune 50 multinational computer corporation. Currently employed as a senior tax consultant in mergers and acquisitions.
Why he works with AHEAD: After years of working in the private sector and having achieved many professional and personal goals, Richard has a strong desire to help make our world a better place, and with his specialized knowledge he is already making a difference. Richard has been a committed supporter of AHEAD for many years, sponsoring golf tournaments to help raise money for AHEAD’s projects. He sponsored his daughter as an AHEAD’s volunteer, working in Tanzania in 2008.