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Jan. 20, 2018- BOD meeting and Ward Construction/ Mkutano wa BOD na Ujenzi wa Kata

Jan. 20, 2018- The winter meeting of the AHEAD Board of Directors was held in Rockville, Maryland. Reports on trips,strategies, volunteer recruitment, project progress and financial information was shared with and approved by the Board, as was a presentation on new health outreach technology by doctoral candidate Annie Lasway. Recent photos showed the fast pace […] Read more

Dec. 20, 2017- Student thank-you notes/ Maelezo ya shukrani ya wanafunzi

   Dec. 20, 2017- The students who greeted American AHEAD volunteers this summer have written beautiful thank you notes in English to show their appreciation for all that AHEAD has done for their school, Bukara Secondary School. Our projects at the school (so far!) have included funding electricity installations, a girls’ latrine with accompanying water […] Read more

Nov. 28, 2017- 400-person Maruku meeting/ 400 mtu Mkutano wa Maruku

 Nov. 28, 2017- From our AHEAD partners in Maruku: I’m pleased to inform you that about 400 local community members held a meeting yesterday 28 Nov. to receive and discuss report on the construction of Pediatric Ward (PW), Phases 1&2, as well as preparations for the 3rd phase. The community members have decided that each adult […] Read more

Nov. 24, 2017- Pediatric Ward foundation laid/ Msingi wa ujenzi wa watoto uliwekwa

Nov. 24, 2017- The foundation has been finished! Maruku’s new pediatric ward construction continues, despite the rainy season weather. Due to the hard work of AHEAD’s volunteer leaders and community workers, a strong foundation now exists. It is all being made possible by local donations and AHEAD supporters like you. Additionally, AHEAD’s Dar Es Salaam- based […] Read more

October 19, 2017- Pediatric Ward construction progress

October 19, 2017– Progress continues on construction of the foundation of the Maruku Pediatric Ward. We continue to receive almost daily updates from our AHEAD partners on the ground, who continue to thank all AHEAD donors for making this project possible. We’d like to thank and recognize all the planners, workers, and volunteers for all their […] Read more

October 18, 2017- Dental trip success and a cow delivered to orphanage

October 18, 2017– AHEAD Board member Dr. Williams and Dr. Ngirwa successfully completed their October trip to Tanzania, delivering both dental supplies and training in Bukoba and Maruku. Dental trainees will then go on to share what they have learned, training others, creating a multiplier effect. At the same time as the dental trainings, a cow […] Read more

October 13, 2017- Water tank construction for girls’ latrines

  October 13, 2017– Great progress is being made on construction of the water tank that will supply the new girls’ latrines at Bukara Secondary School. A generous donation was made this summer that covered all costs and allowed the water tank’s construction to proceed quickly. Donor contributions at work!  

October 7, 2017- Dental equipment donations delivered

  October 7, 2017– Dr. Donna and Dr. Apolinary “Yonga” Ngirwa accompanied bBukoba AHEAD Inc. Advisory team members handed over the dental treatment equipment donated by AHEAD, Inc. partners in USA to the Bukoba Regional Referral hospital chairman and staff. Dr. Donna Williams plans on conducting trainings in how to use the equipment.

September 30, 2017- Pediatric Ward site inspected and cleared

September 30, 2017– Significant progress has begun on construction of the Maruku Pediatric Ward. Local technicians and a foundation builder have been chosen, the Bukoba District Council Engineer has completed a site inspection, and the site area is being cleared. This is proceeding according to the plan laid out by the AHEAD local committee for […] Read more