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Volunteer with AHEAD

You can help, no matter your age or background. AHEAD has opportunities for teenagers and adults, both at home and abroad. To learn more, contact us today.

Volunteer Opportunities include: Managing and updating social media, website maintenance, service trip logistics, service trips to Tanzania for medical personnel, organizing large and small fundraisers, Swahili translation, data management, volunteer management, graphic design, photo and video creation and editing, consulting on engineering, technology, and financial questions, finding partner organizations, serving on one of our Advisory Boards, joining a Friends of Ahead group, and more! Everyone can contribute, everyone can learn something new. 

AHEAD Volunteer Testimonials:

“AHEAD has given me the chance to jump in and quickly get involved in grassroots development work. My student trip with them to Kisarawe, Tanzania in 2008 helped prepare me for my service as a Peace Corps Volunteer in 2011-13, and today in 2017 I am proud to have been voted in as a Board member. Their holistic, community-led approach to development embodies many of the development field’s best practices. AHEAD’s members and volunteers, both in the US and abroad, are the some of the most highly qualified, experienced, open and friendly people I have ever met. And they get the job done! Anyone interested in pursuing a career in nonprofit work or international development would be lucky to find themselves working with and learning from this organization.” -Claire Matsunaga, Development Management graduate student at American University  

“What makes an AHEAD volunteer? She/he arrives prepared to help Tanzanians and ready to make a difference. She/he leaves a changed person, one who has contributed to AHEAD in a number of ways.” –Amy Nichols, West Virginia State

“The experience of referring a seven-month-old baby with severe bacterial conjunctivitis to the Meatu District Hospital, and observing his complete recovery with preservation of his vision and prevention of possible blindness was one I will never forget. AHEAD must be able to continue in the delivery of vital services to those who, in distant rural villages, would otherwise have no access.” –Pediatrician Gwendolyn Dean

“We often hear of missions or projects where we send our contributions only to find out that the donation is caught up in a system which prevents it from serving its intended purpose. With AHEAD, we delivered medicines and clothing, and I witnessed the people receiving these otherwise unavailable items on a daily basis.” –Michelle Parker, Howard University, Washington, DC

“My 1992 experience as an AHEAD volunteer was a turning point in my career and in my life. At the time, I was a young Civil Engineer working for a top 100 Civil Engineering firm, trying to figure out if my boss’s plight was to be mine. His plight seemed neither exciting nor fulfilling. As fate would have it, I was introduced to the “AHEAD family”, and with being so fascinated by the organization’s mission and track record of service, I immediately volunteered. I was fortunate to travel with Dr. Williams and meet Africans who spanned the spectrum from local dignitaries to national leaders. I will never forget the people, the culture, food, desire to connect, and the time spent in Africa. As a young person, AHEAD, allowed me to stretch towards my potential and provided infrastructure that has guided me to the pinnacle to my industry, while continuously seeking ways to volunteer to share life’s blessings with others.” –Carl Mayfield, Senior Vice President at RLJ Development LLC

“My 1994 experience as an AHEAD volunteer was a turning point in my career. Fresh from completing my medical residency training in Emergency Medicine, I had always wanted to go to Africa, but this, my first trip there, exceeded expectations. I was profoundly moved by the openness and generosity of the rural Tanzanian communities, who seemingly had so little. My AHEAD team’s focus was to provide medical care and do health promotion in several villages. This work with communities who needed it the most was an extremely rewarding experience; however, it also struck me with the magnitude of what remains to be done. AHEAD’s philosophy is to not only provide direct care, but build capacity locally for communities to be able to break the cycle of poor health and lack of resources. “Teaching a man to fish” is evident in all they do, and that lesson, reinforced early in my career by AHEAD, has served as my foundation for work I have continued to do over the years in Africa and at home.” Melissa Clarke, MD

“The AHEAD program is fulfilling a vital need in providing practical, vocational job training for young people who are either orphans or whose families are too poor to afford the costs of sending them to State run secondary schools. What impressed all of us is that these young people are not being given aid in the form of handouts; rather they are being taught the skills, responsibility and leadership qualities which are preparing them for careers which will not only help their families, but which will be of great value to their communities and country in expediting progress from poverty to middle class self-sufficiency.”-Gordon Cragg, PhD in organic chemistry, currently an NIH Special Volunteer