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Who We Are

AHEAD, Inc., is an acronym for Adventures in Health, Education, and Agricultural Development, Incorporated. It was founded in 1981, to provide hands-on, people-to-people assistance and partnerships with rural catastrophically distressed communities to combat malnutrition, disease, extreme poverty, technological deprivation and other conditions that have an adverse impact on the health and welfare of people.

In 1974, Dr. Irving Williams, a young pediatrician, & his wife Mrs. Elvira Williams, an educator, decided to take their family of four young children and move to Tanzania, East Africa, to live and work. After working in Tanzania for two-and-a-half years and witnessing the deprivation and suffering of children dying from preventable diseases, Dr. and Mrs. Williams realized that they could effect meaningful change and save lives in this region of the world. They decided to dedicate their lives to this rewarding cause.

Today, AHEAD, Inc., continues to make dramatic and palpable differences in the lives of millions of people across the African diapsora and the world communities. With our dedicated staff in Tanzania and the Gambia and committed and enthusiastic volunteers from around the world, AHEAD marches into our 27th year growing to help meet the challenges that rural villagers face as they struggle to exist disease free, with healthy and sutainable food sources, clean drinking water, and opportunity. As one of the oldest African American led organizations partnering on a grassroots level through community-led development in rural Tanzania and the Gambia, AHEAD continues to help the communities that we work with to experience a reversal in disease and deprivation by implementing sustainable systems that are cost efficient, replicable, and ecologically resourceful.